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Namaste The 5 Elements

Kate´s new dvd has the extraordinary production value we saw in the first 2 seasons of Namaste, with added attention to details of teaching Yoga. The superb value, is in her appearance (unlike in the original tv shows), both as a teacher, as a demonstrator of the ability that comes with 40 years of practice. She is unafraid to show that being half a century old is not a problem, but rather a testament to the practice itself. Found on the dvd is the teachings of Ayurveda and the application to Asana, short and long practices, as well as the new sequence called Fire Fan, a pilot for her third season of Namaste television seen around the globe. There are wonderful teaching tools, like watching the movements in slow motion while Kate explains the poses and the transitions. This is a dvd that everyone should own, no matter how new or experienced you may be, to learn from a teacher who loves the art form through and through.


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There is no doubt that this is one of the most finely crafted teaching programs I have had the opportunity to enjoy. By craft I mean the amalgamation of art and science. The sequences are beautifully organized in terms of structure and function, and the prompting is relevant and deeply enriching.In the 6 years I have been teaching vinyasa yoga many videos and DVDs have found their place in my library. Your series will occupy front row standing once I order the first season(tomorrow).
I am so proud to be Canadian, and even more proud knowing such a gifted teacher as yourself resides on my doorstep. I consider myself fortunate to have trained with the likes of Shiva Rae in vinyasa yoga, and will now look forward to studying with you during a retreat in the future. ...Lance

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